An essay for the IELTS

Topic; A large proportion of people live and work in other countries today than at any time in the past. It is very probable that in the future there will be no borders and people will be able to move freely between countries.
To what extent do you agree with this  statement?
From my point of view, I wrote:
Nowadays, many people tend to move to many different countries around the world to work and to live. In fact, there are a lot of reasons which show that in the future there  will be no borders between countries. Therefore, most people will have a lot of opportunities to move freely around different countries.
First of all, governments tend to be more open these days, it is easier for people to get visas and other procedures in order to emigrate from their home countries as well as to immigrate to another country. What is more, people may think that living in another country brings them a great deal of opportunities to get higher levels of salaries and senior positions in their careers. Therefore, people tend to be confident to go to work and to live overseas.
In addition, modern technology has also brought us a lot of advantages in the transport field.  It takes a short time to travel from one country to another country, it also saves us a lot of money and time, especially people who work in a business. The price of travelling is becoming cheaper as well, so many people are able to travel around the world easily, they can choose a good place where they can work and live better.
In conclusion, it is possible that there will be no borders between countries. This show that all people thruoghout the world are becoming free and live in advanced societies. It also contributes to understanding of people between cultures, and the world will probably become peaceful.
Peter Cao Chi Tien
"Very good" Mike said. And he gave me 6.5-7 marks for this essay. I was so happy though. I am feeling better and more confident about my writing and in myself.
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